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How is wet cast stone made?

Wet cast stone is strong and durable to levels that far exceed British Standard guidelines, while maintaining the natural beauty of stone. Detailed and intricate designs can be created, or replicated in the case of restoration work, and structural units with high compressive and tensile strengths can be achieved, thanks to the inclusion of bespoke high specification cast-in reinforcement.

Our wet cast stone manufacturing process offers a proven, uncompromising balance of strengths that can be fine-tuned for every project. Read on to find out more about how it's made...

1. DESIGN - Architectural concepts and design intent are transformed into detailed stonework CAD drawings with full consultation and design consideration provided.

2. MOULD CONSTRUCTION - Bespoke moulds are constructed from premium materials such as solid timber, steel, fibreglass or polyurethane, and are designed to maintain the required level of detail achieving crisp sharp arises to every stone.

3. MIXING – Premium well-graded aggregates are batched with a cementitious binder to ensure a precise high-performance mix.

4. CASTING – Moulds are filled, and the material compacted thoroughly using vibration techniques. Reinforcement and cast-in fixings are added, for either handling or full structural purposes.

5. STRIPPING – Moulds are carefully stripped from the stones to ensure the units remain in perfect condition as they move to the next stage of the process.

6. FINISHING – Stripped stones are then dressed and finished. The finishing can vary depending on your choice, but usually an etched finished is preferred as this shows off the aggregate within and recreates the look and feel of natural stone.

7. CURING – Stones are subsequently cured to ensure the required product specifications are achieved, and their technical performance is maintained for the design life of the building.

8. PACKAGING – Installation guides are included within pallets and all stones are labelled with their weights and unit specification codes. CE marking is always displayed where applicable.

9. DELIVERY – Stonework is delivered safely to site on an appropriate vehicle in accordance with site call-offs.

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