Bespoke Cast Stone

An optimised process

Bespoke Cast Stone

A highly versatile product, cast stone offers a huge range of possibilities to suit a variety of project requirements. All our moulds are produced on site or locally and allow us to create unique cast stone components that match traditional architectural details or provide contemporary features. Our skilled team work closely with architects and specifiers to review project designs and produce accurate CAD drawings to advise how best to optimise the cast stone details required. As this is our usual practice, we offer competitive prices, with no compromise on product quality.

We are specialists in the manufacture of bespoke cast stone features and offer a wide choice of finishes, including the ability to match a stone colour for refurbishment, extension or architecturally sensitive projects. Bespoke cast stone components can be the ideal solution for many projects designs and specifications. If you require a tight turnaround or are working on a busy site location, our experienced team can take the hassle out of understanding what components would suit a project design and production can be optimised in line with the build schedule.

Intricate restoration projects

Vobster Architectural were chosen to restore the cast stone details on Brighton Shelter Hall for Brighton and Hove Council’s regeneration of the historic seafront. Components such as the intricate Neptune heads, which form an iconic feature across the archways on West Street Shelter Hall’s balconies, along with other larger wet-cast stone components, such as a band course around the shelter and bastion required attention.

The process of restoring cast stone components is technically detailed. A silicone mould was taken of the original pieces, while 3D imaging ensured every detail was completely captured. For Brighton Shelter Hall’s Neptune heads, the shape of the bricks that sit behind were also taken so that the replacement piece fit perfectly when re-installed. The restored Neptune head sits above the new restaurant’s balcony and features intricate fish that make up the beard.

Simple restoration in busy locations

Il Borro, a London-based Tuscan Bistro, was completed with a cast stone facade inspired by the historical architecture of it’s surroundings in the affluent and popular area of Mayfair. The frontage consisted of cast stone cladding in a pilaster structure, produced to mimic the impressive aesthetic impact of traditional Tuscan columns.

The cast stone clad columns were optimised, produced offsite and delivered ready to install, providing a perfect solution for a project in a tight and busy central London location. The optimised construction that was allowed by this choice of cast stone cladding provided a cost-effective and time-saving solution, whilst enabling the project partners to create the desired finish that blends seamlessly within it’s traditional context.

Large-scale commercial projects

MP1 South Gardens was the first phase of a master plan to regenerate the former 1970s Heygate Estate into 2,500 new homes, known as Elephant Park.

The project required bay windows to be replicable across this large-scale development to bring a unique but classic edge to the front facades of the homes.

The design was translated from CAD to wooden moulds, where an efficient dispatch is made possible due to the replicable design.

Bespoke colour development

Welbourne, Tottenham Hale not only utilised a unique, wave-textured cast stone design but blended a bespoke red tone colour to complement the equally red bricks and balconies on the building.

The textured panel showcases the capabilities of cast stone for producing a component of both great design and great structural strength. Wet cast stone offers a superior performance to quarried natural stone or semi-dry cast stone, as its increased strength and reduced moisture absorption results in improved freeze/thaw durability, while further offering the ability to create bespoke components to support achieve any vision.

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