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Glass Reinforced Concrete

GRC - Perfect for technical challenges

Glass reinforced concrete (GRC), is a versatile advanced product designed to answer difficult challenges posed by your build. Essentially, it’s a wet cast product with integrated glass fibres, and as a result of its thin-wall construction, it is incredibly light and can therefore be used as a durable fixed cladding in places where more traditional materials could not be applied, such as in overhanging soffits.

Created in slim sections, GRC has major advantages over standard pre-cast reinforced concrete, because the glass fibre elements allow the decrease in product thickness that results in the finished unit being approximately 80% lighter. Compressive strength is also greater as it will be in excess of 50KN/mm2 and, crucially, it has excellent flexural performance due to the inclusion of the highest quality alkali resistant glass fibres.

Bespoke design and product features

There is almost no limit to the shapes, profiles and finishes that we can create with GRC, and moulds can be made to match complex profiles for restoration, renovation or new builds.

  • Ideal for areas where traditional castings are too heavy
  • Unmatched versatility and well-proven technical properties for design freedom and ease of application
  • BREEEAM A+ material rating for low environmental impact

The advantages offered by GRC allow us to extend our expertise to encompass your whole project, including extreme challenges that traditional cast stone solutions could not meet.

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