Tax Strategy


This document is approved by the Board of Taylor Maxwell Group (2017) Limited and sets out the Group’s approach to tax obligations and managing tax risk. This statement applies to the financial year ending 31 March 2021 and complies with paragraph 16 of schedule 19 to the Finance Act 2016 and applies to all companies within the group.

The aim of the Group is to maximise after tax returns for the Group’s shareholders, whilst paying the correct amount of tax in line with all relevant tax laws and regulations.

Our tax processes are managed by qualified in-house finance professionals to ensure we have effective controls in place and any identified risks are mitigated.

We aim to reduce our tax costs by taking advantage of tax reliefs and exemptions. At no point do we engage in tax avoidance.

Tax returns and payments are submitted in a timely fashion to ensure deadlines are met whilst taking advantage of maximum periods available to submit payments to support working capital management.

We seek to minimise tax risk for our stakeholders. To that end we take advice from our appointed third party tax professionals where any ambiguity arises around tax treatment or in relation to any significant business transaction which may have a material tax impact. We also use their knowledge and experience to review our Corporation Tax submissions.

We also seek to minimise tax risk by engaging in open and honest dialogue with HMRC with regard to interpretation of tax law.

On behalf of the Board

M. A. Phillips

Group Financial Director

Taylor Maxwell Group (2017) Limited

31 March 2021