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How is semi-dry stone made?

We’ve designed our semi-dry casting process to meet tight budgets and deadlines, but craftsmanship and care are still applied in every way. All aggregates and materials are UK-sourced and you will always benefit from our meticulous service and professional support that add value throughout each project.

Read on to find out more about how it's made...

1. Design - Initial concepts outlined in architects drawings are considered and developed into detailed component drawings. Layouts and location plans can also be supplied to assist with construction on site.

2. Mould Construction - Bespoke moulds are constructed from premium materials such as solid timber, steel, fibreglass or polyurethane, and are designed to maintain the required level of detail achieving crisp sharp arises to every stone.

3. Mixing - Premium well-graded aggregates are carefully measured and mixed with a cementitious binder in our computerised batching plant ensuring a precise material and moisture content is maintained ensuring a consistently high-quality product.

4. Casting - The semi-dry material is compacted into the mould in layers using a mechanical tamping plate to ensure a thorough, even compaction is achieved resulting in a high strength product. Reinforcement for handling purposes and any necessary fixings are positioned during the casting process.

5. Stripping - Once the stone is compacted the moulds are carefully stripped from the stones. The low water content of the semi-dry mix allows the moulds to be stripped immediately after casting so multiple stones can be cast from the same mould in a day.

6. Finishing - Stripped stones are then dressed and finished by hand. Any slight imperfections are removed before it fully cures. Semi-dry stone has a slightly open texture similar to that of Baths or Portland stone and as a result it weathers in a similar manner.

7. Curing - Stones are subsequently cured to ensure the required product specifications are achieved, and their technical performance is maintained for the design life of the building.

8. Packaging - Final quality checks are carried out as the stone is carefully packed with protective materials. Installation guides are included within pallets and all stones are labelled with their weights and unit specification codes. CE marking is always displayed where applicable.

9. Delivery - Stonework is delivered safely to site on an appropriate vehicle in accordance with site call-offs.

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