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A guide to cast stone products

We specialise in designing, detailing and manufacturing a wide range of standard and bespoke, premium quality cast stone and GRC products. With so many options available, we’ve put together a helpful guide to some of the most popular products we can supply ...

Ashlar and plinth

Ashlar walling is typically more cost effective than the quarried stone alternatives and can be manufactured in a wide range of colours. This makes it an ideal alternative for restoration projects in the place of the original stone façade and for new projects where the budget won’t stretch to using natural stone.


Providing a beautiful feature to any balcony or walkaway, cast stone balustrades can be manufactured to match original designs or contemporary architectural details using premium quality fibreglass or polyurethane moulds.


The two most common cills available are stooled cills and slip cills – the use of which is usually just aesthetical preference. Stooled cills project past the window opening for stone jambs or brickwork to sit on. Slip cills sit only within the window reveals so the façade material isn’t punctuated by any projecting stonework.

Columns and Pillars

Can be used just aesthetically or even structurally as a building support for features such as porticos and colonnades.


A cornice is a horizontal projection of stone that crowns a building and used to divert rainwater away from the walls beneath. Bespoke design options for these are virtually limitless and we also stock a vast range of standard mould profiles to choose from.


A corbel is a stone that projects from a wall, acting as a bracket to support a structure above it such as a balcony, ledge or roof.


A cast stone coping is used to cap free standing walls and performs an important role in preventing rainfall from penetrating the brickwork and cavity.

Feature panels and datestones

Feature panels and date stones add individuality to a property and can be manufactured efficiently in cast stone.


Cast stone headers, usually found above doors and windows, are commonly manufactured as a single stone which spans the aperture above the window or door. Cast stone heads can be manufactured as structural or non-structural depending on your bespoke requirements.


A jamb is a side post of a doorway or window that stretches from the cill to the head to complete a full stonework surround.


Keystones are the central stone at the summit of an arch or head and can be manufactured as an integrated element or stand-alone product for decorative purposes.


A cast stone portico creates an impressive architectural statement entrance to a property. From elegant traditional styles to sleek contemporary designs, a cast stone portico can both uplift and transform the appearance of a property.


Cast stone quoins are the stones which form the corner of a building and can be manufactured as a structural element or used purely for aesthetic interest. We have a range of standard sizes available or our technical team can work with you to create bespoke sizes to suit your project.

String course

A string course, also known as a band course, is used as a horizontal feature within a wall used as a visual break in a large expanse of brickwork or render. String course can be laid flush to the brickwork or can be designed to project from the wall in any number of designs and sizes for added interest.

Technical downloads for these products can be found here, alternatively contact our specialists for bespoke product advice here.

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